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The Professional Biomat is the lowest-cost full body size Biomat. It is lighter and thus more portable than the bed size Biomats. It is the size of most professional healing tables such as those found in the offices of doctors, chiropractors, massage therapists, dentists and acupuncturists. Biomats can be used as a value added service in such industries. Couple your massages with a Biomat treatment and charge extra for the service. Many healing professionals are already doing so. The Professional is Richway's best seller because it does cover the whole body while remaining versatile. It can be easily stored in the carrying case it comes in that has wheels and a pull up handle for walking with it.

The Professional Biomat comes with a Professional Discount for those with a healing license or certificate. Richway will accept any healer's license for $100 discount on the Pro Biomat. If you choose the Professional Discount, you must submit your license at the time of placing your order or you will be charged the full amount. You can take a picture or scan your license and email it to

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Professional Biomat


Richway Professional Biomat
(Amethyst Pillow sold separately

Professional Biomat

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(Fits massage tables, medical tables, chiropractor beds)
(Pillow sold seperately.)

Measures: 27.56"w x 74"l / 750 x 2002mm
Net Weight: 28 lbs without controller / 13 kg
Electric Consumption: 160 w
Voltage: AC 120
Temperature: 95f to 158f / 36c to 70c
Infrared Ray: 8 - 14 Microm. Max
Negative Ion: 700v
Amethyst Size: 5mm - 12mm
Amethyst Color: Natural Violet Clear
Cut and Shape: Tumbled
Polariscope Test: Dr
Specific Gravity: 2.65
Hardness: 7
Refractive Index: 1.544 - 1.553
Fluorescence LW: No refraction, Natural factor
Biomat Controller
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