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The Richway Biobelt is the wearable member of the Biomat family. You can strap it around your waist and treat back pain and an assortment of gut-related issues you may have. It will help digestion, increase blood flow and serontonin levels in the abdomen. The Biobelt will increase the beneficial bacteria in your gut. Your abdomen is your "center" and your gut is your "second brain". Taking care of this region of your body is crucial to your health.

"Poka Poka" means "warm" in Japanese.The Biobelt emits infrared and negative ion therapy directly to the part of the body you strap it on to. The Biobelt comes in regular and extra large sizes and has a pouch of eight crystals in the front. It heats up similarly to the other Biomats, heats the crystals, which all emit infrared rays and negative ions straight into the gut.

Biomat Belt

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Richway Biobelt
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Biobelt 7000mx Regular Size

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Regular Size: 1450x140mm / 54"x6.5"
XXL Size: 1650x140mm / 76"x6.5"
Infrared Ray Heating Part:: 440x220mm / 18" x 8"
Power: AC120V(50/60Hz)
Power consumption: 50W
Max Temperature: 60¡C / 140¡F
Infrared Rays from 8 Precious Stones. Mini Biomat Model II
Amethyst, Green Jade, Black Tourmaline, Topaz, Crystal, Tiger eye,
Citrine, Elvan and Over 8 different kinds Gemstone.
[ Over 8 kinds of jewels such as green jade, amethyst and black
tourmaline are fully included throughout the entire textured area. ]
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  The Richway Biomat
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