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Richway Biomat 7000mx
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Richway Biomat 7000mx


The Biomat has evolved several times over the years but in 2012, Richway introduced the Biomat 7000mx. The Biomat is an FDA approved infrared ray and negative ion therapy delivery device. Its an infrared sauna in a mat-form, healing delivery device. Biomats. can be laid anywhere for instant infrared and negative ion therapy. Both therapies have been found to increase the immune system and heal the body.

The Biomat is portable, durable and safe. Unlike heating pads which are fire hazards, Biomats warm you from the inside out, kind of like a microwave does to food, only this heat is healing. The Biomat itself never gets as hot as you will so it is safe to sleep on and good for you too.

Biomats are an excellent disease prevention device. Diseases such as cancer and diabetes begin when your body's systems are not functioning correctly and most of the time this can be attributed to a low internal body temperature. Raising the temperature of the human body can boost your body's immune system by as much as 40%.


Infrared Therapy

Infrared rays heat the body from the inside out, increasing your immune system's ability to repair your body and detoxify it. Infrared therapy has been used for fifty years by professionals that understand its healing power.
The Biomat Professional is the perfect size for those wanting a full body experience and the flexibility of being able to easily store and move your Biomat around. The Professional Biomat can be placed on the floor or on your bed and then easily stored away in its case afterwards. The Professional got its name by way of being the perfect size for professional healing tables like almost all doctors, massage therapists and chiropractors use.
The Queen size Biomat is meant for Queen size beds. Because the Queen is fairly heavy, its meant to be placed on a Queen sized bed and left there and so its advisable that you know you want to sleep on your Biomat every night. For those that want all night infrared therapy, the Queen is perfect. You can also control each half of the Queen Biomat seperately.
Amethyst Bio-Mat Professional
Learn More about Pro Biomats
Professional Biomat
Professional Biomat $1,950.00

Amethyst Bio-Mat Queen
Learn More about Queen Biomats
Queen Biomat
Queen Biomat $3,850.00
  Negative Ion Therapy


  Negative Ions are in the air around you and the better quality the air, the more negative ions are present. Pollution taints the air we breathe but the Biomat generates negative ions in the air around the Biomat giving you the freshest air possible. These negative ions work as antioxidants and provide a healing environment around you while you heal.  


What Exactly Is A Biomat?


Biomats are the byproduct of a long history of infrared therapy technology. In the 1970's, NASA developed the first infrared therapy devices to put into America's space shuttles. NASA couldn't afford for one of its astronauts to get sick in space in close quarters. They needed something to ensure that their immune systems were functioning at their best.

Since then, the medical community has endorsed infrared therapy as a legitimate healing method. Many different types of delivery devices for the therapy have been developed. The Biomat is a unique, patented, FDA approved delivery device. Some might opt for the most popular of infrared delivery devices, the infrared sauna. Most infrared saunas are bulky, take up huge amounts of space and are way more expensive than the Biomat, not to mention they need their bulbs replaced constantly.

Biomats are infrared and negative ion therapy delivery devices that will help boost your immune system, detoxify your body, relieve pain and help you sleep and relax.




What Size Biomat Should I Buy?

One of the most frequent questions we answer for customers is what size they should buy and what are the differences in the Biomat sizes as far as effects go. The simple answer to these questions is that as far as Biomat sizes go there are two things to consider: A) What are your intended uses for the Biomat and, B) What are your expectations of the Biomat's functions?

The Mini is the most portable Biomat and can be used anywhere, at the office, in a chair, in your car and on the couch. Does it give you as much therapy as the larger, full body sizes? Its all relative. Minis only cover half the body. Now, what is the difference in using a Professional versus a Single? The only difference is that all the bed sizes are meant to be put on a bed and left there as opposed to the Professional which is lighter than the Single. The both will give the same effects. And, of course, if you are a professional healer, you want the Pro.

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Biomat Health Benefits   Biomat Construction

- Alleviates back & muscle pain
- Sleep aid
- Increases immunity
- Detoxifies body
- Increases blood circulation
- Cancer treatment
- Diabetes treatment
- Fibromyalgia treatment
- Arthritis relief
- Neuralgia treatment

  - Better digestion
- Extra energy
- Increases beneficial bacteria in the gut
- Increase serontonin levels
- Improved skin
- Burn calories and lose weight
- Reduces stress and anxiety
- Relieves headaches

The Biomat is constructed of 17 layers, each with its own useful purpose. One layer produces infrared rays, one blocks EMF waves and the top layer is filled with Korean amethyst which is the finest amethyst in the world.

The Biomat controller is made by Texas Instruments, America's oldest electronics manufacturer. It is touch screen and easy to use. The controllers for the King and Queen Biomats can control the temperature of each side of the Biomat separately which makes it easy for two people to lie side by side and enjoy their Biomat experience in their own way.


The Richway Biomat is
U.S. F.D.A Medical Device #2954299

US FDA Approved!

Amethyst & Tourmaline Pillow

Richway's Amethyst and Tourmaline Pillow

Unrestfull sleep can effect your health in negative ways. Our bodies heal while we sleep and if we aren't sleeping properly, the body cannot get the relaxation it needs to repair itself. The Amethyst and Tourmaline pillow will help get the infrared therapy your head needs by working with the Biomat to get the therapy to your head.
  Amethyst Pillow

Our bodies cannot heal without proper sleep. Learn more about Richway's Amethyst Pillow.



Learn more about
infrared rays and why NASA developed the technology


Professional Package

Professional Biomat Package

The Professional Discount

Richway offers a discount on the Professional Biomat for those with healing licenses or certificates. Learn more about the Professional Discount.
  Professional Biomat Package
The Professional Package is the Professional Biomat and the Amethyst and Tourmaline Pillow together. The pillow adds an air of professionalism for those of you wanting to add the Biomat to your healing practice. It also keeps your head off of the Biomat so it doesn't get hot while still using the amethyst in the pillow to amplify the infrared rays coming from the Biomat to your head.



Richway Distributorships

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Richway products are known world-wide for their durability and quality. You can become a Richway distributor. Once you show our products to a customer, they sell themselves.


  Customer Service   Customer Service Is Our Top Priority

We give you our word that every single customer is important. We provide excellent customer service to each customer. We will answer any question and help you figure out just what it is that you need.

Customer service is not an optional part of our business. It is our customers that gives us a reason to be in business.

Call 850-348-1541 with any questions that you may have.

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The Richway Biomat
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